Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

The Playes who want to give trials for national level below given trial format is mandatory.

5 Players will be selected at national level in which 3 players will be selected by association.

Mandatory Rules & other norms for Uttar Pradesh Soft Tennis Players

In the recently concluded Annual General Meeting of Executive Body of Amateur Soft Tennis Association Uttar Pradesh held on 14th April, 2017 at Lucknow executive body have laid down the following mandatory rules effective from date of circulation:-

  • Irrespective of players performance in previous National Soft Tennis Championships it is mandatory for players of all age groups to participate in the selection trials followed by special coaching camps conducted by ASTAUP, if otherwise they would not be allowed to play for U.P., Soft Tennis Team in the particular National Championship (Sub-Juniors / Juniors / Seniors) for which the selection trials and special coaching camp are held.
  • if due to any uncertainty (medial reason / examination) the selected player is not able to attend the special coaching camp he / she shall duly submit an application to the selection committee / coach with the relevant documents citing reasons for not attending the special coaching camp, before the camp.
  • Decision of representing (1) individual singles category (2) individual doubles category (3) individual mixed doubles category will depend on player performance during the camp and selection in above events category will be on merit basis from the result of the special coaching camp for the particular championship.
  • Every Player must register themselves with ASTA UP.
  • Player must sent entry form for selection trial on email id: